Hip Replacement

Patients who received the DePuy ASR XL™ Acetabular Hip System and DePuy ASR™ Hip Resurfacing System products were told to expect the products to see a lifespan of approximately 15 years. These metal-on-metal devices, however, have been found to only last as little as two years, almost immediately causing significant pain and distress for patients and requiring additional replacements and revisions. Other manufacturers that have released defective hip systems include Zimmer, Stryker, Wright and Smith & Nephew.

Common symptoms of a defective hip include pain, swelling, fractures, dislocation and a difficulty walking due to a loosening of the hip from the bone. Many of these symptoms are caused by metallosis as the metal particles chip off and disintegrate into the body and bloodstream.

Symptoms of metallosis include spontaneous dislocation, nerve palsy, mass or rash, groin and thigh pain, fatigue and intense pain at the site of the hip replacement. Metallosis can also cause pseudotumors, bone deterioration, tissue and muscle necrosis, infection and fluid in both hips. The pain can continue far into the future in the form of accelerated future revision surgeries, fractured femur or other bones, tissue and muscle damage and bone loss.

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If you suffer from these conditions, you may be entitled to compensation. At Lee Murphy Law Firm, we are committed to holding DePuy and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson, accountable for their failure to protect patients from the potential risks of the systems.

Before turning to us, many of our clients feel that they are helpless to receive compensation for the pain they have experienced after trusting the medical devices. We advocate on their behalf and get results on an individual case basis, rather than a class-action lawsuit, to ensure that their specific injury is represented in court.

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