Risperdal History

Risperdal is an antipsychotic drug created by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1993 to treat adults with schizophrenia. In 2003, Risperdal was approved for the treatment of adults with manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder. The FDA later approved Risperdal in 2006 to treat irritability in autistic children and adolescents (ages 5 to 16), and in 2007, Risperdal was approved to treat schizophrenia in adolescents (ages 13 to 17), and manic or mixed episodes of bipolar I disorder in children and adolescents (ages 10 to 17). Risperdal comes in oral tablets, oral disintegrating tablets, and in an oral solution.

Patriot Pharmaceuticals is the authorized generic distributor for the generic form of Risperdal, Risperidone. As an authorized generic distributor, Patriot Pharmaceuticals markets and distributes Risperidone, produced by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, with a generic product label.

Risperdal Consta is a long acting version of Risperdal that is injected once a month, and used to treat adults with schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar I disorder. This drug was also created by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and the drug was approved by the FDA in 2003.

Invega Sustenna is another long acting antipsychotic drug given by injection monthly that was created by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The FDA approved its use for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults in 2006, and was later approved for use in adolescents (ages 12-17) in 2011.

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