Campaign Opportunites

At Lee Murphy Law Firm, we partner with other attorneys and law firms seeking co-counsel opportunities and resources, as well as those looking to refer clients to one of our campaigns. Based in Houston, Texas, we build versatile and multi-pronged marketing campaigns nationwide for class action litigation and individuals in the following areas:

  • Defective drugs/pharmaceuticals
    • Birth control
    • Antidepressants
    • Blood thinners
    • Anti-epileptic
  • Defective medical devices
    • Vaginal mesh
    • Retrievable IVC filters
  • Products liability
  • Natural disaster losses
  • Personal injury

Dynamic, Metrics-Driven Marketing And Co-Counsel Campaigns

Our cutting-edge marketing tools, campaign planning and case preparation support throughout every phase of the legal process generate quality leads while our partners are able to continue to focus on litigation. We are fully invested and fully transparent in each campaign we handle, but our firm’s role varies on a case-by-case basis. As a co-counsel firm, we provide our partners with a host of upfront, ongoing, in-depth and customizable services, including:

  • Transparent marketing analytics
  • Constant monitoring and analysis of the litigation field
  • Multi-channel marketing: targeted national and local marketing, including Internet, TV, radio, print, direct mail and more
  • Client intake and screening for only quality leads
  • In-house medical records collection and review
  • In-house doctors and nurses (no subcontractors)
  • Confirmation of proof of product
  • Preparation of all legal documents and filings

We help co-counsel get the case where it needs to be for successful, cost-effective litigation. We can help you reach your intended audience wherever they are in the U.S. We take quick action, and we are accessible to potential clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Do We Mean By ‘Fully Transparent Campaigns’?

We track and provide our co-counsel partners with metrics on all marketing activities. Costs, scope, reach, qualified leads and more are tracked on a per-call and per-lead basis. Our partners know what their investment is getting them each day, and qualified leads are sent to them right away.

Our experienced experts are at your service. Contact us today at 713-275-6990 or toll free at 800-215-8385 to discuss your case and our services.

Our lawyers represent people throughout the United States, and we regularly work with legal professionals across the country.